(Through The Bible) 2 Kings 1-4
Chuck Smith,
Examine yourself
Paul Washer, 01/12/2005
Attributes of God (Series 1): The Justice of God
AW Tozer, 22/02/1958
Attributes of God (Series 1): The Grace of God
AW Tozer, 12/02/1958
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AudioVideo-largeQuick Start Guide - Audio / Video

The Audio & Video area of the website allows you to watch the latest videos and listen to the latest recordings from your church.  This quick start guide explains how to make the most of this feature.


Audio and video recordings can be found in one of two different places:

  • Some articles in the recent articles list have the or symbol after the title; this signifies that a recording accompanies the text.  Click on the title to see the options for playing back the recording at the top of the article.
  • From the home menu select the:
Audio / Video

option; a list of all available recordings will be displayed shortly afterwards.  Recordings can be sorted by the order in which they were added (Recent Additions), the date they were recorded (Recording Date), or the number of downloads (Downloads).  Alternatively you can search for a specific recording using the search options at the top of the list.

Playing a Recording

The title of each recording is displayed alongside a description and the speaker/artist as well as details of the recording date, number of downloads and length as illustrated below:




If the recording is associated with an article click the article title on the right-hand side to display the article contents.


Click the listen link to play the recording; a media player window will open allowing you to control playback.   

Saving a Recording to Hard Disk

You can save any recording to your computer hard disk, allowing you to listen to it again at a later date. 

  • Click on the download link  and select Save.
  • Choose a location to store the recording and enter an appropriate name in the file name box.
  • Click the Save button to begin the download process.
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