(Through The Bible) 2 Kings 1-4
Chuck Smith,
Examine yourself
Paul Washer, 01/12/2005
Attributes of God (Series 1): The Justice of God
AW Tozer, 22/02/1958
Attributes of God (Series 1): The Grace of God
AW Tozer, 12/02/1958
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We believe in the Scriptures as the Word of God - His final
Revelation to man - and that they are the absolute authority Upon all questions of Christian Doctrine, Faith and Practice. (Sola scriptura)

This is the premise on which we encourage the spiritual development of our youth.

We encourage and teach our youth the word of God from a tender age. Our youth service is an open forum for sharing and discussing the things of God. We encourage them to be leaders and to be light and salt to this world by influencing the world they live in with thier christian faith and conduct. We have discussed various issues ranging from "The hidden agenda of secular music and western culture" to "Religious Intolerance: Secular View Vs Biblical View" to "Is it in the bible?:Popular Ideology Vs Sound Biblical Doctrine (Colossians 2:8). The church and youth leadership encourage the young to engage in active discussion and to seek the answers to the questions they have in the bible.




"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."  J Piper


Our youth recently discussed the hidden agenda of secular music. But what are the alternatives?


Shai Linne - Romans

The entire book of romans in less than 5 minutes.


Timothy Brindle - The Humility of Christ

He took the form of a servant, washed his disciples' feet, had nowhere to lay his head, was often found mixing with sinners and tax collectors. Yet as the bible tells us he was the exact representation of God. He was even obedient unto death, even the death of the cross (Phil. 2:8),  WHAT GREAT HUMILITY!!


Evangel - Stranger 2 Stranger

The setting of this song is a man sharing the gospel at a bus stop with a very resistant receipient. Many lessons can be learnt from this dialogue.


Way of the master radio WOTM part 1

Todd Friel and co take a look at christian rap and ask some very controversial and difficult questions about christian music.



WOTM part 3



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